Page 7 - Condensed Interim Financial Information - December 31, 2017

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At DG Khan block (operated by POL with a 70% share), last acquired 2D seismic data identified new
leads, about 264 line kilometers additional 2D seismic data acquisition has been started to firm up the
identified leads.
At TALblock (operated by MOLwhere POLhas a pre-commerciality share of 25%), 2D/3D seismic data
interpretation is in progress to explore the possible deeper plays in TAL block. Acquisition of 870
of gravity survey over western part of Manzalai has been completed and interpretation is in progress.
Tolanj East-01 an exploratory well was spuded on April 27, 2017 and preparation of sidetrack-1
down to 14,058 ft is in progress. The target depth+/- 16,569 ft.
Mamikhel Deep-1 an exploratory well was spudded on December 16, 2017 and drilling down to
4,580 ft is in progress. The target depth is +/- 17,156 ft.
To explore deeper potential in the TAL block Location of Mamikhel South-1 has been approved by the
Joint Ventures Partners. In-house 2D/3D seismic data interpretation is in progress to explore the
additional plays in TALBlock.
At Gurgalot block (operated by OGDCL where POL has a 20% share), Gurgalot 3D seismic data
acquisition is in progress, so far 35.469 Square kilometers has been recorded out of 320 Square kms.
seismic data to cover all themapped leads has been planned.
At Hisal block (operated by PPLwhere POL has a share of 25%), drilling of first exploratory well Misrial-
X1 will be started during this month. For evaluation of another prospect, 63.25 L.kms 2D infill seismic
acquisitions has been planned.
The Board would like to extend its gratitude to all its stakeholders for their continuous support, which
they have extended to Pakistan Oilfields Limited.
On behalf of the Board
ShuaibA. Malik
Chairman &Chief Executive
January 24, 2018