Page 7 - Condensed Interim Financial Information - Nine Months Ended March 31, 2018

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At Turkwal Lease (operated by POL with 67.37% share), 3D seismic acquisition is being planned over
125 square kilometers to explore the full potential of the area.
At Pariwali Lease (operated by POL with 82.50% share), reservoir simulation study has been
completed. Based on study, workover on Pariwali-2 well has been decided in the last quarter of this
financial year.
At Pindori Lease (operated by POL with a 35% share), Pindori-10 a development well to drain the
remaining up-dip potential of the field has been approved.Acquisition of long lead items is in progress.
At TAL block (operated by MOL, where POL has a pre-commerciality share of 25%), Makori East-6 has
been connected to production line on Feb 26, 2018 and presently producing 715 barrels of condensate
per day and 2.078million cubic feet of gas per day.
AtAdhi field (operated by Pakistan PetroleumLimited, where POLhas 11%share),
Simulation Study (Dynamic Model) ofAdhi Field is in progress.Adhi-32 well has been approved.
Adhi-30: Well was spuded on May 28, 2017 and Drilled down to target depth. After frac job the well
tested and produced 400 barrels of oil per day, 4 million cubic feet of gas per day with
wellhead flowing pressure of 554 psi at 48/64” choke size and also connected to the production
Adhi-31: Well was spudded on March 31, 2018 and drilling down to 2,346ft is in progress. The
target depth is around +/- 10,791ft.
Adhi South X-1 an exploratory well was spudded on June 30, 2017 and drilled down to
target depth, tested and produced 1,550 barrels of oil per day and 2.6 millon cubic feet of gas per
day with wellhead flowing pressure of 960 psi at 32/64” choke size. This is an oil discovery in the
southern compartment of Adhi structure which will be evaluated for appraisal programme. The
well will be connected after completion of production pipeline.
Jhal Magsi South field (operated by OGDCL, where POL has 24% share), installation of plant has been
stopped as decision regarding laying of pipeline by SSGCL is not finalised.
At Ratana Field (operated by Ocean Pakistan Limited, where POL has 4.545% share), 3D seismic data
acquisition of 376.86 square kilometers has been acquired and data processing is in process.
At Ikhlas block (operated by POL with an 80% share), Working on way forward of Ikhlas concession is
in progress. Preparation of evaluation report of Domial Field, including Domial Deep prospectivity is in
progress. Seismic Acquisition planning over Langrial prospect is in progress. Sesmic Acquisition
planning over Langrial prospect is in progress. Presently, “Jhandial-1” is under evaluation and
producing around 710 barrels of oil per day and 7.53million cubic feet of gas per day.
At DG Khan block (operated by POL with a 70% share), last acquired 2D seismic data identified new
leads consequently264 line kilometers infill 2D Seismic data was planned around 124 line kilometers
has been acquired so far to firmup the identified leads.
At TALblock (operated by MOLwhere POLhas a pre-commerciality share of 25%), 2D/3D seismic data
interpretation is in progress to explore the possible deeper plays in TAL block. Acquisition of 870
of gravity survey over western part of Manzalai has been completed and interpretation is in progress.
Tolanj East-01 an exploratory well was spuded on April 27, 2017 drilled down to 16,096 ft (side
tack-1). The target depth+/- 16,569 ft. Presently efforts are in hand to cure the losses.